Welcome to Gracesofull - School of the Spirit

Helping believers increase in the knowledge of God and His Word through the lens of the Holy Spirit.

About Us

This platform is here to teach believers that the supernatural and eternal life of God is for here and now. We teach biblical principles to disciple the nations.

Vision: To cause all who interact with and learn from this platform to grow in their understanding of sonship in the Kingdom of God and how to walk powerfully in this reality in their everyday life.

Mission: To constantly share the knowledge of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit via online media, physical classes and mentoring programs.

Gracesofull Christian Network is for you if you say YES to any of these questions:

  • Are you struggling with maintaining consistency in spiritual disciplines of prayer, bible study, fellowship and fasting?
  • Are you hungry for more of God?
  • Do you desire that the truths you read about in the Bible become your daily reality?
  • Do you think you are called into ministry and you have no idea where to start?
  • Are you confused about your purpose in God and what exactly you are to do as a believer?
  • Do you need guidance for a more rapid and consistent growth in the things of the spirit?

This community is designed to help you in:

  • Developing consistency in spiritual disciplines; creating consistent spiritual habits for maturity
  • Incorporating the kingdom first mindset for transformation
  • Understanding the principle of abundant life; prosperity, peace, health, financial blessings, etc
  • Being naturally supernatural; understanding that supernatural living is our normal habitat
  • Identifying and dealing with limiting beliefs keeping us from the manifestation of the fullness of God in our lives